The Quarters of the City

Lankhmar juts out into the Inner Sea, a prominent position from which to rule both the land and the water around it. It teems with people who live and work along every one of its winding streets, from the largest avenues to the narrowest back alleys. According to legend, Lankhmar has existed for thirty-score centuries, so few can speak of what it was like long ago as a burgeoning town, but the twisted, winding shape of its walls, streets, and city blocks are all testaments to the fact that it grew organically, rather than by design.

The streets in Lankhmar twist and turn, with all the buildings pressed together side by side, most of them rising three and four stories tall if not more. Side streets, smaller and dirtier, branch off from the main thoroughfares, and alleys still smaller and filthier, wind away from those. It is within these side streets and alleys that the underbelly of Lankhmar thrives. Cunning rogues looking to pick a pocket, cut a purse, or end a life lurk in the shadows of those alleyways. Hidden and often forgotten secret entrances to basements, sewers, and catacombs are also found down in these twisted dim passageways. It is here where true adventure is so often found, where heroes and scoundrels brave enough to pass between the high, forbidding walls, daring enough to slip through the twists and turns, earn their gold rilks.

City Walls

The Citadel
The Docks
The Park of Pleasures
The Plaza of Dark Delights
The Street of the Gods
The Tenderloin

The Quarters of the City

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