The Peoples of Nehwon


Humans are by far the most common race in Nehwon, but there are small settlements of other races scattered in small settlements around the world and in the world below. As Lankhmar is the center of the world, members of nearly any race can be found there and people of all races are welcome within the city.

  • Eevanmarenseers: These people live in a distant, decadent empire. They have an old culture that has decayed from its once great mastery over the distant eastern lands. The only remaining city in the empire is its capital, Eevanmarensee. From this city they still occasionally head out into the world to find what few wonders and pleasures their culture has yet to learn.
  • Ghouls: The Ghouls of Nehwon are a strange race of people who haunt the eastern lands near the Sea of Monsters and along the edges of the Parched Mountains. Their skin, muscles, and organs are completely transparent, so that all you can see of a ghoul is his skeleton and hair. This natural condition serves as an excellent form of camouflage. Since they find advantage in their near invisible state, ghouls refrain from wear clothing and armor. Such dress completely counters the advantage nature gave them. The only adornments they wear are cloaks and belts to hang their weapons and possessions.
  • Ilthmarts and Sarheenmarts: The swarthy peoples of Ilthmar and Sarheenmar are closely related to the original stock of Lankhmar, though these inhospitable cities are largely avoided due to their bizarre religious practices and tendency to murder foreign travelers.
  • Kleshites: Native to the jungles in the southeast corner of the Lankhmar continent, Kleshites are a small quick race of dark-complexioned men. They live throughout the jungles and challenge any to try and lay claim to their lands. Many think these are a primitive and barbaric folk, but there are great and ancient cities found deep within their steamy jungles, and according to what little evidence is available, the Kleshites built them.
  • Kvarch: The pale, dark-haired folk of the eight northern cities are a rough and rowdy lot of hunters, traders, and hardscrabble farmers. Life in The Eight Cities is harsh and it had made the people harsh.
  • Kvarin: The pale, dark-haired folk of the Great Forest live in tension with the folk of the Eight Cities, and often ambush travelers and foresters who dare to intrude into their territory. At one point the Kvarin and the Kvarch were one people, but at some distant point in history they split, the Kvarch settling in cities while the Kvarin lived a nomadic life among the trees.
  • Lankhmarts: People who inhabit the city of Lankhmar and the lands immediately around it are known as Lankhmarts. They are a true mixture of every culture and background and individuals of every variety and personality can be found within the walls: cosmopolitan or coarse, noble or street urchin, merchant or thief, priest or sorcerer.
  • Mingols: Born on the northeastern steppe, this proud race is a menace to all who travel the roads and seas of Nehwon. Mingols tend to be nomadic wanderers who stake out large swaths of territory and then dare any to cross their lands without asking proper permission. The need to travel is so great for these folk that they have taken to the seas, raiding and traveling as they see fit. There is no known previous Mingol culture. As far as the sages can tell, these folk have always been a savage, ferocious race of men bent on war only for the pleasure of it.
  • Northerners: The men who travel the icy fields of the north are a breed apart from others, these fair-haired powerfully built men travel the lands thought inhospitable by the civilized men of the world. Snow covered plains and harsh mountains serve as home to the northerner. Fearless and untiring in their nature, northerners are a proud people, more than capable of holding their own in the southern world. The tribes of the north have no true organized government, but they do meet once every year for a great trading festival that allows them to exchange alliances and settle scores.
  • Quarmallians: Along the southwestern coast of the Lankhmar continent sit the towers and walls of Quarmall. Within these impressive, though crumbling, fortifications can be found the topmost layer of an ever-expanding underground empire ruled over by a race of long-lived, pale skinned men whose gaunt images can haunt even the most stalwart heart. At one time these men ruled a great empire above the ground, their influence could be felt in the lands of the east, their spies sailed the Sea of Monsters, but just as time slips away from man’s grasp, so did the empire once claimed by Quarmall. Quarmallians are a proud race that lives with a veneer of high culture and civility, though wholly supported by raids and generations of slave labor. This is the paradox that defines their existence, and their core being.

Common Races

  • Dwarves: Dwarf clans can be found in many subterranean realms and they occasionally trader with surface people. The greatest dwarf kingdoms are in the north. Many dwarf clans have been enslaved by the Lords of Quarmall in the south.
  • Elves: Elves can seldom be found unless they wish to be found, but several elven cities are hidden within the Great Forest of the north.
  • Halflings: The grain fields south of Lankhmar are home to many halflings, who dwell among the Lankhmarts in relative harmony. Halflings can also be found within the city, though they are less common there.

Uncommon Races

  • Aarakocra: These avian humanoids tend to congregate on the highest peaks and mostly keep away from the earthbound. Several flocks have given themselves to the worship of the evil goddess Tyaa.
  • Dragonborn: The race of dragonborn is greatly in decline from the days long ago when their empire spanned the east. Now there are only a few small settlements and roving bands that make their home within the Parched Mountains, where they have been driven by the conquering Mingols.
  • Genasi: Most genasi come from Quarmall, where the Lords of Quarmall conduct strange alchemical experiments upon their slaves. There are a few free genasi is other lands, either escaped slaves or the supernatural issue of mortals and their elemental lovers.
  • Gnomes: Forest gnomes dwell within the Great Forest, though they tend to remain aloof from elves and men alike. Rock gnomes can be found wherever dwarves are, often working alongside them. Deep gnomes dwell even further down in the subterranean realms and are seldom seen on the surface.
  • Goliaths: Goliaths are native to the lands north of the Cold Waste and tend to dwell in remote mountain villages.
  • Half-Elves: Half-elves are exceedingly rare, but are sometimes found dwelling in the Land of the Eight Cities or among the Kvalin of the Great Forest.
  • Half-Orcs: Half-orcs are common in Quarmall, where orcs have been enslaved alongside dwarves and men for generations. The Lords of Quarmall breed their orcs with men to make a race that is stronger than man but more docile than orcs.
  • Tieflings: Most tieflings hail from the demon-haunted city of Horborixen and are known as the Horned Folk in the western lands.

The Peoples of Nehwon

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