Factions in Lankhmar


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Guilds are the lifeblood of Lankhmar and there is a guild for almost every profession found in the city, whether it is legal or illegal; except for a few rare exceptions (for example, there is no guild for farmers).

Business conducted in the city is done under the watchful eye of at least one guild if not several, each claiming a stake of the business and a share of the profits. The guilds of Lankhmar wield power even the Overlord must heed. Being a member of one of the guilds entitles the character to significant aid at a measly percentage of her income (or so the guilds claims). The reality is guild membership leads to dangerous situations as much as it helps.

Guild sanctions for failing to pay dues, shirking responsibilities, or nonmembers working at a guild profession vary by the specific guild and offender. First offenses often result in a fine or worse assignment with nonmembers offered an opportunity to join the guild as long as they meet any other requirements. A second offense may result in anything from a much heftier payment to a dangerous job or even a visit from members of the Slayer’s Brotherhood to rough up the character. Repeat offenses suffer harsher repercussions-—up to assassination.

As all things in Lankhmar, exceptions exist. A noble breaking guild law might be ignored or required to pay a minimal fine while a particularly embarrassing first offense could result in severe sanctions. In the end, the goal of all guilds is to make money, so if it costs more to deal with the offender than not, he’s usually left alone.

Assassins’ Guild
Beggars’ Guild
Guild of the Grain Merchants
Slayers’ Brotherhood
Sorcerers’ Guild
Thieves’ Guild
Whores’ Guild

Factions in Lankhmar

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