Swords and Deviltry in Lankhmar

The Coffin Masters

Azure, Nurgui, and Xandak

About a week after the Night of the Spiders, Azure and Nurgui happened to cross paths again in the Silver Eel, where Braggi told them about a job that had come up. It was a bit more than two men could handle, so they recruited Xandak, an assassin from the Land of the Eight Cities who had recently arrived in Lankhmar and was seeking work. The job was a joint venture between the Thieves’ Guild and Assassins’ Guild to take out an upstart gang called the Coffin Masters. Due to some delicate guild politics, both guilds had decided it would be better to hire freelancers for this job.

The Coffin Masters were a small crew that operated in the tenderloin near the meeting of Cheap Street and Shady Street. Azure learned from his contact Vlana the Handworker that she had heard rumors about the Coffin Masters, but knew nothing specific except they had been operating on Baker’s Street. Most of the beggars were close-lipped, but Azure found one, a blind old man named Karax, who said he could lead them to the gang and identify one of the leaders by the sound of his voice. Karax the blind beggar led Azure and Nurgui to the Mutton Shank tavern, an eatery that served only lamb and mutton. Left to his own devices, Xandak ran into two of the Coffin Masters. He slew one forthwith and after a bit of a tussle and chase, forced the other to tell him where the gang’s leader might be found. Xandak arrived at the Mutton Shank tavern just as Azure and Nurgui were sitting down to eat with Karax.

All eyes were on the loud, rude group of men in the corner, but none of the patrons dared say a thing. Azure and Nurgui suspected this might be the group and their suspicions were confirmed when one of them, a tall and lanky lout with a pronounced adam’s apple, began to harass one of the serving wenches. Karax could tell by the man’s vulture-like laughter that this was Commander Karg, one of the Coffin Masters. Azure ordered the Commander a drink of sheep’s milk and sent it over along with an insulting message. In response, Karg slapped the wench and threw the mug of milk at her. At this point, Azure stood up and began to walk over toward the Coffin Masters. They gangsters, in turn, stood up and threw over the table, drawing weapons and rushing to attack the paladin with no attempt to parlay.

The skirmish was quickly decided and soon the coffin Masters were dead. After looting the corpses and paying the owner a sum for damages, the party learned from one of the wenches that Draxdhor, the leader of the Coffin Masters, lived above the Buttered Loaf bakery. The group made their way back to Baker’s Street. As they approached their destination, the streets grew silent except for the occasional urchin watching or running along the rooftops. Aside from them, the streets were clear or pedestrians and the shops were locked and shuttered as for a storm. Azure and Nurgui boldly walked down Baker’s Street, while Xandak crept stealthily through the alleys.

Soon they met Draxdhor and the rest of the Coffin Masters outside of the Buttered Loaf bakery. Xandak attempted to attack from hiding, but he tripped on a loose cobble and send it clattering across a sewer grate. Xandak was slain by a poisoned crossbow bolt. The battle raged on, until all of the Coffin Masters except for Draxdhor were dead, but the bald assassin and his poisoned weapons proved to be victorious. Azure and Nurgui both died from the wounds dealt by a poisoned blade.

Foes Defeated:

Assassin x1 3900 xp
Bandit x4 100 xp
Thug x7 700 xp

Treasure Gained:

100 gold rilks (100 gp)
9 garnets (50 gp each)
Short Sword +1


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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