Sheelba of the Eyeless Face

Transdimensional alien wizard


“Will you faithfully serve me as long as you live? Do my every lawful command? On my part, I promise not to call on you more than once a year, or at most twice, nor demand more than three moons out of thirteen of your time.”
– The Price of Pain-Ease

Sheelba of the Eyeless face is a wizard from some alien world far beyond Nehwon. She gained her name because her hood is completely black, containing an unnaturally deep darkness beneath the cowl. Sheelba’s gender is uncertain, as in neither voice nor form is it betrayed. Sheelba does not care how she is addressed and may not even have a gender at all, but the female use is most common and may in fact be correct. Sheelba is very direct and is a being of few words, a strong contrast to Ningauble (at times both rival and ally). It is said that her voice sounds like “the clank of small boulders moved by sullen surf.”

Sheelba inhabits a strange, ambulatory hut that walks about on a series of stilts amongst the Great Salt Marsh outside of Lankhmar. The hut is able to move with great speed, and its interior is much larger than the outside—it is said that the inside of the hut is the size of a palace. Sheelba prefers to converse with others from the entryway of the hut, and it apparently has extradimensional portals similar to those available to Ningauble of the Seven Eyes.


Sheelba of the Eyeless Face

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