Ningauble of the Seven Eyes

Transdimensional alien warlock


“It was not the gate, however, that interested them, but its keeper, a monstrously paunched creature sitting on the floor beside a vast heap of potsherds, and whose only movement was a rubbing of what seemed to be his hands. He kept them under the shabby but voluminous cloak which also completely hooded his head.”
—Adept’s Gambit

This alien being (sometimes called “The Gossiper of the Gods”) is a warlock of surpassing power. He is so named due to the roving seven glowing eyes within his hood. Occasionally, one of those eyes will extend from the hood at the tip of a sinuous, serpent-like tentacle. Ningauble is very talkative and seems to enjoy long, complex discussions or explanations. He makes his home in a series of enchanted caverns near the Sinking Lands. These caves contain numerous interdimensional portals leading to other worlds. Visitors can find their way to Ningauble only if he chooses to allow it—unwelcome intruders are never heard from again, vanished forever into the labyrinth.


Ningauble of the Seven Eyes

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