Black Mage of the Thieves' Guild


Behind the left end of the table stood a tall, yet hunchbacked man in black robe and hood which shadowed more than hid a face of which the most prominent features were a long, thick, pointed nose with out-jutting, almost chinless mouth just below. His complexion was sallow-gray like clay and a short-haired bristly, gray beard grew high on his wide cheeks. From under a receding forehead and bushy gray brows, wide-set eyes looked intently down at an age-browned scroll, which his disgustingly small clubhands, knuckles big, short backs gray-bristled, ceaselessly unrolled and rolled up again.
—Ill Met in Lankhmar

Malformed, ugly, and power-hungry, this mage serves the Lankhmar Thieves’ Guild and is one of their most feared agents. Hristomilo’s potent, deadly black magic and his disturbingly talkative familiar Slivikin ensured a rapid rise to become almost a legend within the guild. Only the guildmaster is brave enough to command Hristomilo’s powers to secure the guild’s prominence.



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