Swords and Deviltry in Lankhmar

The Eye of the Universe

Azure and Nurgui

Azure, a paladin of the moon-goddess Skama, and Nurgui the Ghoul were hired by Braggi at the Silver Eel to retrieve a crystal orb called the Eye of the Universe from the Church of the Eye. This relatively new cult was housed in an old temple at the cheap end of the Street of the Gods, near the Marsh Gate. After conferring with Azure’s associate, Vlana the Handworker, they made their way to the temple. Nurgui climbed up the belltower and made his way into the temple through the trapdoor at the top of the temple. He sneaked in and slew one of the cultists, but another was able to raise an alarm and wake his fellows. Nurgui unbarred the door to let Azure in and the two of them slaughtered the entire cult, including their high priest. On searching the temple they found coins, gems, and a staff carved of pure ice, inlaid with runes.

When Nurgui claimed the orb, two hideous, pale spiders emerged from the wall and attacked. Azure and Nurgui slew one of the spiders and the other faded back into the wall, but the orb telepathically warned Nurgui that more would come. What followed was a harrowing trip through the streets of Lankhmar as spiders hunted them from rooftops and chased them through the streets. The crystal orb directed them through the streets, telling them which way to go to avoid the spiders. Unfortunately, this was the opposite direction from the Silver Eel, where they were to take the statue. Azure and Nurgui did their best to reach the Silver Eel but the spiders were too thick, blocking their path. Hoping to gain assistance from the city guards, they went to the watch station on Cheap Street and Atheist Avenue, but the spiders quickly overwhelmed the poor guards. Then they ran for the temple of Skama, but again they found spiders harrying them. Only by following the orb’s directions could they find safety.

Finally, they arrived at a small hovel deep in the alleys south of the the Street of the Gods and east of Silver Street. The hovel was a tenement occupied by squatters, but the back wall held strange graffiti that glowed at the orb’s approach. The orb likewise glowed brighter as it approached the hovel. The graffiti runes formed a circle in the wall, and the orb told Azure to place it inside. But Azure, determined to get his reward from the Thieves’ Guild, refused to part with the orb. Then the spiders arrived.

Three pale, glowing spiders dropped from the rooftops and converged on the hovel, while Nurgui and Azure stood outside. A vicious fight ensued and Azure was struck down by a venomous bite. Nurgui fought bravely and killed all the spiders, but still more were coming. At the orb’s bidding, Nurgui placed the orb into the wall. With a blinding flash of light and a blast of freezing cold, the orb released its power. The spiders all vanished, both living and dead, and the orb itself went lifeless. Nurgui managed to pry it out of the plaster wall with his dagger, but the orb was now inert. After an hour or so Azure woke up with a splitting headache and the duo made their way back to the Silver Eel, where Braggi took the orb and sealed it in a crate for delivery to his buyer. He then paid Azure and Nurgui the agreed-upon sum of 100 rilks each.

The morning after, a dark, hooded figure came to the Silver Eel to claim the Eye of the Universe. The stranger took the crated orb away in an oxcart, leaving Braggi with a handsome coffer full of gold rilks. The stranger was less than pleased when he opened up the crate to find the object of his search had become dull and lifeless. He was quite cross and began to send agents out to discover who had blinded the Eye of the Universe.

For the next week the streets were abuzz as everyone gossiped about the Night of the Spiders. Seemingly everyone had been out on the Street of the Gods that night and saw the spiders with their own eyes, or fought alongside the poor doomed guards at the Cheap Street watch station. But only two in Lankhmar knew the truth, along with one other who had escaped his prison to return home to an alien dimension.

Foes Defeated:

  • Acolyte x2 100 xp
  • Cult Fanatic x2 900 xp
  • Cultist x2 50 xp
  • Priest x1 450 xp
  • Phase Spider x5 3500 xp

Treasure Gained:

  • 60 electrum half-rilks (60 ep)
  • 7 emeralds (100gp each)
  • Staff of Frost
  • 200 gold rilks (200 gp)


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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