Swords and Deviltry in Lankhmar

The Curse of the Bloody Beard

Andalua, Reuben, and Phthalo

After Quarben’s celebration went terribly awry, the party-goers fled and several squads of the Lankhmar Civil Watch converged on the scene. Leading the bluecloaks was Captain Lokar and his chief investigator, the guild mage Vendrik. After extensively questioning the trio about their role in the fracas they were released and regrouped the the Silver Circuit, a tavern near the Park of Pleasures. Sveral of the other guests bought them drinks and gathered to hear the full tale of the day’s horrifying events.

A few hours later, after nightfall, a carriage pulled up before the Silver Circuit. Andalua, Reuben, and Phthalo were cordially invited back to Quarben’s residence to speak with Laandra and Quarben. They were offered a retainer of 25 rilks each to investigate the source of the attack. Reuben determined the green powder to be the Essence of Eihort, a powerful mutagenic spore that, when burned and inhaled, that could transform a person into the twisted offspring of the great old one.

The next morning, Andalua awoke to discover he had grown a horrid reddish beard overnight, one that reeked of rotten meat and continually dripped blood. She went to the Plaza of Dark Delights to seek the counsel of the witch Loksha and learned the she would have to shave twice daily in order to minimize the effects of the beard. As for breaking the curse, that would only be possible if she was able to find and destroy the focus of the curse. While seeking remedy for the stench at a perfumer in the high town, she discovered that the original enchantress was a witch names Tabika, the sister of Zadoc the Perfumer. She tracked Tabika down and learned that the focus of the curse was an enchanted bead of green glass, and that the curse had been paid for by Margravine Angevin, the wife of Angevin the winemaker, a minor noble and a rival of Quarben’s.


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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