Swords and Deviltry in Lankhmar

Interlude 2

After the Coffin Master Massacre

All through the Tenderloin and adjacent neighborhoods, town criers are proclaiming the morning news. Along with the usual notices, obituaries, and reports of crime, the following special announcement has tongues wagging throughout the city:

“Baker’s Alley rocked by gang violence!"

“Last night in the neighborhood of Baker’s Alley, several fights erupted between members of the Coffin Masters gang and an unnamed rival group. Witnesses reported a fight at the Mutton Shank tavern that ended in the death of four members of the Coffin Masters gang, including Karg, one of the gang’s leaders. At some point later a fight broke out on Baker’s Alley near the Buttered Loaf bakery that left seven dead. This morning two additional bodies were found hidden under a wagon several blocks down Baker’s Alley, also suspected to have been members of the Coffin Masters gang.

“Draxdhor, the alleged leader of the Coffin Masters gang, is the object of a city-wide manhunt, along with three unidentified individuals who were involved in the fight at the Mutton Shank tavern: a Lankhmart warrior wearing ornate plate armor, an assassin with the look of an Eight Cities man, and a skull-faced Ghoul from the eastern lands. Anyone with information on any of these individuals should contact their local City Watch station.

“The Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild have both issued statements disavowing the violence and promising harsh reprisals against any gangs operating without guild sanction in the City of Lankhmar.“

Unbeknownst to the Thieves’ Guild, Assassins’ Guild, and the City Watch, the three unknown assailants were not only missing but dead, their bodies having been spirited away by a mysterious stranger.


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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