Swords and Deviltry in Lankhmar

Death and the Assassin

Azure, Nurgui, and Xandak

After their death at the hands of Draxdhor; Azure, Nurgui, and Xandak found themselves in the Shadowland, standing before Death himself in a bloody arena where massive whirling blades would cut down anyone who strayed into their path. Death graciously gave them the option to fight for their freedom, a gift purchased for them by a friend of his. The trio fought against a similarly matched group of outlandish creatures: a barbaric, tusked humanoid wielding a huge axe, a hyena-headed humanoid who fought cunningly with bow and spear, and a hulking, green-furred humanoid wielding both long and short swords. After slaying the orc and kicking the quaggoth into the whirling blades, Death conjured up an ettin “to make the fight more exciting”. The trio finished off the gnoll and then made short work of the ettin, though it nearly killed them all in the process. All three were on their alst legs by the time the fight was done.

Afterwards, Death gave them a few tokens as the spoils of their fight and then allowed them to exit the Shadowland. The took a door into along tunnel that led down into a green-lit, subterranean realm. There they encountered a vastly obese, cloaked figure who offered them food, drink and rest. This was Ningauble, a transdimensional alien warlock who had taken an interest in the three warriors. He had ransomed them back from Death in exchange for the hope of a future favor, and he also warned them to stay clear of Sheelba, a sorcerous rival of his.

After returning from Ningauble’s subterranean realm to Lankhmar, the three tracked down Draxdhor and killed him in a decisive battle near the eastern end of Cash Street. They returned his head to Braggi and claimed their reward, earning coin and the good favor of both the Thieves’ and Assassins’ guilds. They also exchanged Nurgui’s staff of frost at the Bazaar of the Bizarre in exchange for several more useful items and 10000 gp of store credit.

Enemies Defeated:

  • Ettin 1100 xp
  • Gnoll Captain 450 xp
  • Orc Berserker 450 xp
  • Quaggoth Veteran 700 xp
  • Draxdhor, Assassin 3900 xp

Treasure Gained:

  • 7 erotic silver statues (25 gp each)
  • 1 potion of cold resistance
  • 1 quiver of 10 +1 arrows
  • 5 assorted art objects (250 gp each)
  • 1 vial of wyvern poison
  • 1 Flame Tongue greatsword
  • 1 Cloak of Displacement
  • 1 Shield +2
  • 750 gp of assorted coin
  • 10000 gp credit at the Bazaar of the Bizarre

Treasure Lost:

  • 1 Staff of Frost


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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